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Supermarket Simulator


Supermarket Simulator is a simulation game that lets you manage a mini supermarket. By participating in this game, you will develop the necessary management and business skills while still being able to relax playing the game after a long tiring day.

Your main tasks

  • Inventory and product arrangement: Select the right products, classify them and make sure the shelves are always arranged and fully stocked.
  • Process customer transactions: Process payments by cash, credit card or e-wallet. Manage orders, pack products and arrange delivery.
  • Expand and upgrade: Buy new areas, decorate the store and add more products and services to attract customers.
  • Financial monitoring: Track revenue, expenses and profits, and make the necessary investments to develop your supermarket.

Key Features of Supermarket Simulator

Manage the entire supermarket

Responsible for every aspect of the supermarket, from stocking and arranging shelves to managing staff and serving customers.

Diverse tasks

  • Ordering and receiving goods: You always have to ensure a stable supply of products and that items are always on the shelves to serve customers.
  • Arranging shelves: The items above are always mixed together, so you have to arrange them reasonably so that customers can find them easily.
  • Inventory management: Keep track of inventory to avoid overstocking and find ways to handle those items.
  • Cashier's tasks: Process customer payments quickly and accurately.
  • Customer service: Handle and resolve customer issues promptly.
  • Employee management: Recruit and manage employees to keep the supermarket running smoothly.
  • Upgrade and Expand: Continuously improve and expand your supermarket to attract more customers.

Explore Supermarket Simulator and master the art of retail management. From stocking shelves to handling customer transactions, every decision you make will impact the success of your supermarket. Are you up for the challenge?