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A war among the stars at night

Among Us Online is an extremely new and thrilling deduction game. In this game, you and other crew members will have to find the hidden impostor in an extremely tense battle for survival on a damaged spaceship. And because of its novelty, this extremely popular title has attracted players around the world with its unique combination of team trust, deduction and stealth. What are you waiting for? Don't put on your space suit right now and prepare for an extremely fierce battle that is about to happen?

The battle to find the impostor

Silent sabotage

If you are an impostor, your goal is to eliminate all members on the ship to gain control. However, remember that each match has a certain time limit. You must quickly and secretly take down your teammates without letting other players suspect you. There is a small tip for you: lure other players to deserted areas, attack quickly and disappear before anyone witnesses your evil actions.

Argue to find the impostor

After the death of a teammate, a tense emergency meeting is held. Here, you will need to create a cover of being an innocent person to deflect other players' suspicions towards you. Pretend innocence, tell other players about a certain player's suspicious actions, then vote intelligently to eliminate teammates who may seem innocent but are all just playing. pretend. Remember that !!

Master of disguise

One of the best things you can do is be inclusive. Always remember that your teammate and impostor look exactly the same so it is extremely beneficial for you. Use this to your advantage and participate in your teammates' missions, attend meetings and even report on dead bodies so that everyone trusts you and no one doubts you.

The game is a deduction game. So while the tips above may offer ways to win, your ultimate success depends on your ability to adapt to the environment, plan perfectly, and manipulate the minds of your players. your other. So, are you ready to put on your impostor mask and spread chaos among the crew?