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Put your expertise to the test with the exciting game geography offered by Seterra. Test your knowledge of US states when the cat will ask you about the locations of these states on behalf of the game publishers.

Education and entertainment

Seterra is not only entertaining but also serves as an educational tool, requiring mastery of geographical knowledge. Can you recall the locations of all 50 states in the United States? The cat will ask about many different states such as California, Texas, Michigan, Hawaii, Florida, Arizona, etc. Quickly identify and click on the correct state on the US map to earn three points. One point is deducted for an incorrect answer, and after three incorrect answers, the cat will give a hint by pointing at the correct spot, allowing you to get those precious points back. Watch the cat's direction for clues left means left, right means right. Aim for the highest score without relying on external maps.

Control instructions

Use the left mouse button to select the exact state on the US map.

Revealing Seterra's origins

Introduced by Marianne Wartoft in 1995, Seterra originated as an HTML game. The Swedish game developer designed it to be accessible on PC and mobile web browsers. Adopted globally, Seterra is especially popular with students as a fun way to consolidate and review their geography knowledge.