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Capybara Clicker


Capybara Clicker is a clicker game where you can build your own hamster community. Developed by Euckides, this game has attracted the attention of a community of gamers around the world.

Instructions for playing Capybara Clicker

If you are new to this game for the first time, don't be too surprised because Capybara Clicker will provide features that anyone who is passionate about clicker games wants to have, which is simple controls like play Candy Clicker. When participating in the game, you will have to continuously click on the yellow capybara in the middle of the screen to create more capybaras and build an island full of capybaras. Pay attention to the little capybaras, if you click on them in time you can earn extra points. Level up and earn lots of points to improve your guinea pig character's stats.

Upgrade items in Capybara Clicker

Unlocking and upgrading items is the key point for you to create your own island for kangaroos. This game has a feature that allows you to upgrade your cursor, building or even the island you are building. Upgrading your cursor, including mouse clicks and auto-clicking, will contribute to increasing the total number of capybara on your island. If you upgrade buildings, including Capybara Farms, Pumps, Factories, Pyramids, Temples and Power Plants, it will allow Capybara to operate smoothly without the need for supervision. your.

Effective gameplay to master Capybara Clicker

Increase the number of Capybara

Start the game by actively clicking to increase Capybaras quickly. Buy cursor upgrades to increase the number of guinea pigs you click.

Expand the building

Investing in building upgrades can also create capybaras. But be careful to balance the acquisition of different buildings to maintain a stable number of capybaras.

Use Boosters

Take advantage of the booster buttons to get a temporary booster. The X2 button doubles the amount of capybara per click, while the Free button gives free capybara. Use them wisely.

Play the game continuously

After receiving the Auto Clicker upgrade, automatic capybara production will occur even when you are too busy to play.

Unique features of Capybara Clicker

  • Diverse interface
  • Weather effects
  • Achievement system

How to play

You just use your mouse and play this game.