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Candy Clicker


If you are a lover of sweets and colorful candies, Candy Clicker will bring those things to you. With graphics designed on the theme of candy and other sugary foods, you will experience new gaming feelings that you have never seen in any game before.

Information about Candy Clicker

Candy Clicker is a fun clicker game where you collect candies and upgrade your candy factory. Simple but addictive gameplay, helps you relax after a tired day!

As the name suggests, the game revolves around clicking and it will bring a colorful world with many different types of candy. This game is a combination of helping you relax your mind but also requiring a bit of calculation. So it can be said that this will be a game suitable for all ages.

Rule of the game

The rules of Candy Clicker are very simple so people of all ages can play. To start, players click on candies to accumulate points and unlock upgrades. These upgrades enhance candy production, allowing points to increase exponentially over time. However, the difficulty is that you have to allocate the candy you earn wisely to be able to earn the next candy as quickly as possible. Not only that, you will also experience many challenges and other interesting tasks to help you and the players have more motivation to develop your candy planet from strength to strength.

How to play

Playing games has never been so easy. You just need to use your mouse to click on the candy to create more candies. Once you have accumulated enough points, you can invest and upgrade to automate the production process and thereby earn more income. Deciding to buy or upgrade a certain item will determine the product. amount of candy you receive. So you have to calculate to avoid being affected too much. Along with simple gameplay and vivid images, Candy Clicker becomes an interesting experience for players looking for a simple but attractive game.

Outstanding features of Candy Clicker

Click-based production

One of the outstanding features this game is a click-based production system. However, unlike traditional clicker games where constant clicking can make you bored and like the game will lose its appeal over time, with this Candy Clicker makes everything easier. Make it more fun by offering candy and special items. When you own these special candies and items, your candy planet will automatically develop without having to constantly click. This will create more excitement, ensuring that you will still get many new things even when you are busy and cannot access the game.

Upgrade items

The items that Candy Clicker provides you with are completely new and not found in any other game. However, you will have to decide which items to upgrade first based on your current production progress and the goals you want to achieve in the future. These upgrades range from increasing candy production to unlocking new features. items to increase candy production efficiency. This job will make you love the game more if you are a player who likes to plan.

Additional features

  • Click to produce candy
  • Buy upgrades to increase output
  • Unlock many different types of candies
  • Check your statistics

Candy Clicker Unblocked

If you want to play games anytime, anywhere, you cannot ignore Candy Clicker Unblocked. This is a version that bypasses all internet filters, so whether you are using a computer at school, during a break in the office or any other location with restricted access, you can still access it. Access Candy Clicker Unblocked and continue to experience the game. In addition, this version still has all the features of the original version, so interruptions while you are experiencing the game never happen.


What makes Candy Clicker different from other clicker games?

Candy Clicker has candy-themed graphics with a variety of candies and an automatic production system based on mouse clicks. This seemingly simple game will bring unexpectedly interesting gaming experiences to you. Make your leisure time more fun than ever.

Is Candy Clicker suitable for all ages?

Perfectly suitable for all ages! Because Candy Clicker's simple gameplay makes it accessible to players of all ages. Designed with colorful images combined with a new theme will contribute to the appeal of the game, making it a friendly game for you no matter what age you are anyway.

Are there in-game purchases in Candy Clicker?

Candy Clicker offers in-game purchases for players who want to enhance their gaming experience with additional perks and bonuses. Please use the candy you have accumulated for a long time to exchange for the items you want!!

With vivid images, engaging gameplay and unique features, you will never be disappointed when experiencing Candy Clicker. What are you waiting for? Start building your own candy world now

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