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Rainbow Obby


Immerse yourself in the thrill of Rainbow Obby, a challenging parkour game that takes place across multiple levels in a vibrant map. Navigate Obby through jumps and runs, aiming to conquer the highest platforms while collecting valuable coins.

Information of Rainbow Obby

A colorful adventure awaits

For those who are passionate about adventure games like Banana Duck, Rainbow Obby will introduce you to the fascinating world of rainbows. Known for its vibrant and diverse platforms, your mission is to climb to the highest point. Make precise runs and jumps between platforms, ensuring a safe landing on each platform. Be careful of missteps, as falling means your adventure will begin again. Show off your parkour skills as you explore this colorful landscape. Discover power-ups like jumping ropes that enhance your jumping ability, albeit for a limited time. Gold coins are scattered along the way, providing an opportunity to enhance your collection.

Launching Skin Shop

Rainbow Obby boasts a cool skins store with Ninja, Pirate, Monster, Iceman, Alien, Noob, and Santa skins. Each skin has a different price, with Ninja costing 5 coins, Pirate and Iceman costing 10 coins, and others priced similarly. Collect coins on your journey to get the character of your choice and add a personalized touch to your Rainbow Obby adventure.

Control command

  • Use WASD keys to move.
  • Use the mouse to operate and view the camera.
  • Use the spacebar to jump from one platform to another.
  • Access the skin store by pressing the P key.
  • Exit the rainbow world with the ESC key.