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Introducing the spider doll

SpiderDoll is an extremely thrilling game because when participating in this game you will be transformed into a spider-man. Your mission is to move on the roofs of tall buildings and run away from enemies. So what are you waiting for? Embark on a challenging journey to adventure on the rooftops of the city right now.

Role of Spider-Man

In SpiderDoll, you will take on the role of an agile Spider-Man. Take advantage of your spider's unique ability to climb, jump and swing around the city. You must use your spider web to move from one roof to another. Skillfully avoid obstacles and jump over gaps between buildings in the crowded city. In addition, you always have to be mentally prepared to handle unexpected situations because you will never have to face any upcoming obstacles.

SpiderDoll's enemies

During your journey, you will encounter countless formidable enemies. Use your spider's natural fighting skills to shoot silk to defeat immediate threats and protect yourself and the city's residents.

Upgrade and customize your character

SpiderDoll also has a system to upgrade and customize each character. You can enhance your jumping ability, increase your attack power and unlock special skills to become a more formidable Spider-Man. Plus, you can create your own Spider-Man look by customizing his costume to fit your style.

Join the action with SpiderDoll and experience the thrill of being a superhero in a city full of adventure and danger!