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From humble beginnings to the biscuit kingdom

Cookie Clicke City is a unique idle game. Here you will work to build an ever-growing cookie city. Fly through the sky and land on two floating islands - your cookie kingdom is taking shape! An island that boasts a giant cookie, your original source of sweets. As you bake and unlock achievements, this barren land will transform into a flourishing paradise. The remaining island awaits your construction expertise, where you will build facilities to create even more delicious treats cakes!

Click, Automate and Conquer

No need for complicated baking techniques here. Just click on giant cookies to create smaller ones. But who wants to click endlessly? Let your trusty pointer do the work and upgrade it to increase efficiency. Expand your workforce with grannies, farms, factories, and more, each contributing to your cookie empire.

A world of sweet upgrades and achievements

Unleash the power of upgrading! Boost your production with sturdier conveyors, enhance your cookie output with sugar cookies, and unlock hundreds of achievements for bragging rights. Conquer five distinct eras, each requiring a specific cookie quota to unlock. With 600 upgrades and 700 achievements to pursue, the journey is as sweet as the destination.

Relax and get rewarded

Don't worry about losing progress. The game autosaves every minute, and you can save manually at any time. Even while you're away, your pointer and diligent building continue to churn out cookies. So sit back, relax, and watch your cookie empire flourish.

Sweet advice for success

  • Turn on/off sound to suit your mood.
  • Upgrade wisely for maximum impact.
  • Explore intuitive icons for builds, upgrades, achievements and settings.
  • Left click to play and enjoy a fun, stress-free adventure!