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Geometry Dash 3D uses rhythmic action gameplay combined with a classic style and beautiful 3D graphics that will create completely new challenges waiting for you to come and explore.

A familiar challenge

Basically, Geometry Dash 3D still retains the essence of this game. You will guide your character through a series of obstacles in the levels you play. With increasing difficulty, you need to master game controls such as jumping and moving to reach the finish line. With beautiful 3D graphics, I believe this Geometry Dash version will never disappoint you.

Some new features of Geometry Dash 3D

Understand the game better

Along with the switch to 3D graphics, game publishers also add a few new features that help you understand the game better. These new features are not too outstanding, but they will be one of the factors that help you predict the movement of obstacles in all 3 dimensions, react faster and be more focused to navigate. your small cube in an extremely narrow space while still being able to avoid collisions.

New dangers appear

In addition to familiar obstacles such as sharp spikes, Geometry Dash 3D also has many new obstacles such as TNT explosive barrels, dangerous lava flows and even toxic smoke.

Choose your own character

With many new characters updated in the game. You will have full freedom to choose to play your favorite characters to conquer difficult challenges in Geometry Dash 3D.

Whether you are a seasoned Geometry Dash player looking for a new challenge or a curious newcomer wanting to test your skills, Geometry Dash 3D offers you novelties from which you can Discover many of your own mysterious abilities!