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× is a game in which if you eat as many items that appear along the way, you will be the winner dominating the rankings. Here you will control a black hole and have to compete with many other black holes.

Introducing the game

In, take command of a hungry black hole and engage in intense competitive battles with other players. Initially, everyone will start with the same size, but at the start of the game, each player's size will be different. Your goal is to devour objects smaller than your black hole, with each suction of such an item your black hole will get a little bigger. Items like people and small bushes gain one point to larger objects that can net 15 points. As you submerge items, your size will gradually accumulate until it reaches a critical mass, causing a noticeable change.

Overcome opponents

While completely destroying your opponents is inevitable, you need to make a smart move. By devouring the enemy. Strategically destroy your opponents, then take advantage of the opportunity to increase the size of your vulnerability and come out on top.

Survive on diverse terrain

Embark on a journey of survival across diverse landscapes, each corresponding to a unique and randomly generated map. While cityscapes present challenges with targets such as cars and skyscrapers, luck may favor you in areas such as factories, coastal villages or mountains. The map is full of small creatures waiting to be consumed, providing the ability to quickly increase in size. Dive into the game's countless engaging maps, each offering unique challenges and opportunities for exploration.

Experience the dynamic progression and strategic gameplay of, where every move counts in your quest for domination.