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Planet Clicker


Planet Clicker is a game that will take you on a daring space exploration across a galaxy filled with diverse resources. As a mining team captain, you will mine countless planets and receive unique rewards.

Planet Clicker overview

Fascinating planetary diversity

Each planet has its own environment, requiring you to adapt quickly. Whether it is a barren desert planet, or ice and snow, or even deserted planets filled with toxic gases but providing endless resources. This may seem a bit different from the awesome game you used to play Candy Clicker but it's well worth a try.

Just click

Although clicking is still basic control, Planet Clicker will have characters to help you do that. Your job is to research to upgrade and manage your team to earn as many mineral resources as possible.

Resource management and planet building

Planet Clicker pushes the boundaries of the genre, delivering an engaging experience

Construction of the Space Station

Build and expand your mining operations center. Manage energy, research and crew areas, ensuring their operations.

Craft and conquer

Use collected resources to craft powerful tools and equipment, empowering your team to mine other planets and unlock hidden secrets.

Control the Planet Clicker game

Tap the planets with your mouse to collect energy and fuel your galactic adventures!