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Casual Basketball for Everyone

Tap Tap Shots offers a refreshing twist on the classic game of basketball. Here, forget about complex dribbling mechanics and free throw strategies. This game boils the essence of basketball down to its core tossing the ball through the hoop!

Intuitive Gameplay, Limitless Fun

Gone are the days of maneuvering a virtual player across the court. In Tap Tap Shots, you take direct control of the ball itself. Simply tap the screen to initiate a bounce, strategically guiding the ball towards the basket. Mastering the timing and trajectory of your taps is key to becoming a Tap Tap Shots champion.

Challenge Yourself, Climb the Ranks

While Tap Tap Shots lacks the structured competition of tournaments, it offers a different kind of challenge the endless pursuit of a high score. As you progress, the time limit for making a basket gradually decreases, demanding ever-increasing speed and precision. Can you consistently sink baskets under pressure and secure your spot on the global leaderboard?

Embrace the Simplicity, Unleash Your Inner Baller

Tap Tap Shots' vibrant cartoon graphics and straightforward gameplay make it a joy for players of all ages and skill levels. So, ditch the complexity, grab your phone, and get ready to experience the pure, addictive fun of tossing hoops in Tap Tap Shots!