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Getting Over It


Getting Over It is a game that has taken the internet by storm with an extremely unique brand. Now, because they are so passionate about this game, many other players have created another version on Scartch so everyone can experience this game via the internet.

A fun time with the climbing cat

This change has created an extremely new Getting Over It for players. You will play as a cute cat instead of a grumpy man like the original game. However, don't let this cuteness fool you. This cat can perform all the same movements as a normal human.

A new world awaits

The new version of Getting Over It will take you into a playing space with countless things to conquer. Here, different objects, food and fruits will become obstacles that you must overcome. Use your cat's agility with the help of a hammer to overcome each challenge and take your feline friend to a new land.

Reaching the top: Attractive gameplay

While the lovable main character adds a new layer of charm, Getting Over It's core gameplay remains the same:

  • Hammer Time: Like the original, your cat relies on its hammer to swing and grab onto obstacles. Master the art of pushing and pulling to gain momentum and propel yourself forward.
  • Fearless falls: Don't be afraid to fall! Unlike the grumpy man, your cat is immune to the dangers of gravity. These falls may slow you down, but they won't mark the end of your climb.

Like the original, there's a satisfying end to your efforts. Reach the top of the obstacles, and your winning cat will make a magical leap into space, soaring across the vast universe! So, are you ready to test your skills and help this determined feline achieve his cosmic destiny?