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Stumble Guys


Stumble Guys takes you into a quirky world of bean-shaped characters trying to overcome challenges. Here, you will play the role of a character and have to race against many other opponents to win the winner's crown.

A strange race

With a bit of fun in the form of classic battle royale that game publishers add to the game. You will experience many surprises with what awaits you:

Dau Battalion

You will control a bean-shaped character that moves in an awkward manner. And your goal is to control this bean character to overcome countless dangers and competitors to reach the finish line the fastest!!

Weird obstacles

The challenges in Stumble Guy can be said to be extremely intense. From giant revolving doors to precarious platforms and giant swinging hammers, all of these things will get in your way, causing you to stumble and fall and never reach your destination. So you have to try extremely hard to stand up after each fall and don't be discouraged because that is the special thing that makes this game attractive.

Master the chaos

With so many people playing with you, chaos and competition are inevitable. One piece of advice for you is to calmly and confidently learn how the obstacles work so you can easily overcome them without spending too much time like other unskilled players.

Global battlefield

A world of wild competitors: You'll compete against a massive crowd of players online, all vying for the coveted crown of champion. There is no limit to the number of participants, but only one bean can reign supreme!

What do you need?

Can you overcome the difficulties, overcome your opponents and emerge from the chaotic races as the ultimate champion? Test your skills against the world and see if you have what it takes to become a Stumble Guys legend!

Dress to express your personality

As you progress and win matches, you'll unlock new skins to customize your beans. Show off your victory in style and stand out from the crowd with weird and wonderful outfits!