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Stickman Climb 2


Stickman Climb 2 Game Overview

Stickman Climb 2 is a climbing game where you help a stickman overcome various challenges to reach the finish line. Your mission is to conquer all obstacles such as majestic high mountains or bubbles. Can you overcome them all?

Features of Stickman Climb 2

Game Modes

Stickman Climb 2 offers both single player mode for personal fun and 2 player mode for added competition. In 2 player mode, you can challenge your friends to conquer the same set of obstacles. The winner is the one who reaches the finish line first. Save time, observe and make quick, accurate decisions to ensure victory. Enjoy the thrilling competition!


Unlock various features and items as you progress in the game. The challenges and missions remain the same for both players, making it a fair and exciting race to the finish line.

How to controls game

Use the A/D keys or your mouse to control the stickman.

If you like climbing and want to challenge yourself in more difficult environments, join Stickman Climb 2. This game is extremely difficult but very addictive, making players want to play again and again until they reach the goal. Have fun playing the game!