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Snake 3D


Snake 3D is an extremely attractive game in which you will have to control a snake moving in a 3D cube. With a clear and precise plan, your task is to help the snake survive as long as possible.

For a long time, the snake game has become a game loved by many people around the world. If you are too familiar with classic snake games with 2D graphics, Snake 3D will bring you a completely new experience of playing snake games on 3D graphics.

Game description

Snake 3D will take you into an extremely strange 3D space where there is a constantly moving cube that is your playground. Your task is to control the snake to go around this cube and eat as much food as possible to grow quickly. But remember that as your snake grows, its length will also increase, so controlling it will become extremely difficult and you must be extremely careful to avoid collisions between the snake's head and its body.

How to control

You will control the snake with the left, right, up, and down arrow keys. In addition, you can control it by holding down the left mouse button continuously. As long as you find a way to play that suits you and can help your snake eat the red squares easily.

Features of Snake 3D

  • Classic combined with modern
  • Challenging controls
  • Vivid role-playing graphics

How to play

  • Controls: Use the mouse or arrow keys to control the snake.
  • Objective: Eat the red squares to grow and get high scores.
  • Strategy: Plan your moves to avoid collisions as the snake grows longer.

Enjoy a modern take on the classic game with Snake 3D and see how long you can keep your snake growing!