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Ship 3D


Ships 3D takes you into thrilling sea battles as a pirate, pitting your warship against other players' ships. Your mission is to destroy as many enemy ships as possible to become the ultimate winner.

While you may be familiar with land battles in games like Funny Shooter, Ships 3D changes the environment dramatically by taking you out to the open sea. Take control of your ship and engage in intense naval battles using powerful cannons to sink your opponents' ships.

Pirate Missions in Ships 3D

Depending on the mode you choose, you will have specific objectives. However, each mode requires you to master two main tasks:

Control the boat

Start your adventure on an island, where you can board an empty boat. Sail to strategic locations such as islands or the open sea to confront your enemies. Ships 3D ships turn slower than cars and cannot go backwards. Therefore, honing your navigation skills is essential to mastering the game.

Operate the cannons

Each ship is equipped with two cannons on both sides. When you encounter enemy ships, use these cannons to destroy them. Aim carefully and shoot at your enemies. You can also engage in close combat with your sword. Choose your attack method wisely based on the situation.

Game Controls

  • F key: Drive the ship or interact with objects
  • P key: Shoot the cannon
  • Left mouse button: Use the sword