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Pokemon Battle


Pokemon Battle is a newly released game based on the animated film of the same name Pokemon. Here, you will play the role of a trainer who trains Pokemon to bring to battle. In this game, you will compete with opponents from all over the world. In addition to entertaining your mind, you will also be tested and trained in strategic thinking and quick reflexes to control your Pokemon.

Rules of Pokemon Battle

In this game, battles will take place when two trainers agree to fight each other with their Pokemon. Battles usually start when you and the opponent trainer signal that you are ready to fight. And in each battle, you will be allowed to bring a maximum of 6 Pokemon to the battle field. Choosing these fighters is very important because you will choose based on the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent fighters. From there, you will choose the right Pokemon to be able to defeat them.

Key features of game

Global Competition

Pokemon Battle also gives you the opportunity to face countless opponents from all over the world. Whether you participate in regular battles or tournament battles, you can challenge your Pokemon training ability with many different opponents. Each opponent has different strategies and fighting styles, so you can experience them to increase your own fighting experience.

Strategic gameplay

The battles in Pokemon Battle are quite intense, so you will have to plan your participation in the battle very carefully. Playing the role of a trainer, you will consider your own strengths and weaknesses such as walking ability, resistance, fighting ability and how to use items to win each battle. By exploiting the opponent's weaknesses and taking advantage of your strengths, you can defeat your opponent and win easily.

Dynamic Mechanics

This game has many ways to play as well as many different game features that help you learn more about Pokemon. From status effects that increase stats to weather conditions and terrain effects. All of these will make your playing experience much more interesting and rely on these effects to be able to predict what moves your opponent is preparing to use so that you can counter them in time.

Progressive Challenges

As you have played this game for a while and your Pokemon training ability has also increased a lot, you will have to face the fact that the challenges that the game gives you will also become more difficult. Therefore, you will have to constantly hone your personal skills and improve your fighting style to be able to rise to the first position in the rankings that we have created specifically to honor outstanding players.