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Midnight Mice


Midnight Mice is a fast-paced escape game that will take you on a daring nighttime adventure. Your task is to control a brave little mouse through small roads in a village to avoid the cat that wants to catch your little mouse.

Dashing Delicacy: The Hunt for Cheese

Midnight Mice will offer an exciting combination of exploration and quick reflexes. The following are things you need to keep in mind when participating in this game:

  • Cheese Chase: Your main goal in this game is to collect as much cheese as possible. This is a favorite dish of mice and is often scattered throughout the village. Every time you eat cheese, you will get extra points and remember to find the shortest routes to get to the cheese.
  • Feline Fury: The villain in this game is a mischievous cat. It will often appear and hunt for your mouse. When you see the cat approaching, quickly move the mouse to a safe place and don't go into dead ends. Otherwise you won't be able to escape that evil cat.

Maze Mastery: Control and Title

Midnigt Mice has extremely easy controls:

  • Arrow keys: Use the arrow keys to control your brave mouse across the village road.
  • Dash Button: When danger approaches, press the spacebar or Enter key to activate your mouse's special dash ability, allowing for quick acceleration to get past the cat.
  • Spacebar: When danger approaches, you just need to press the spacebar so the mouse can activate its special abilities. This special ability allows your mouse to accelerate past the black cat quickly.

Beyond the Cheese: Hall of Mice awaits!

While collecting cheese and dodging cats are core elements of Midnight Mice, the game also offers a few more challenges with the Hall of Mice. This prestigious hall recognizes your achievements by awarding trophies based on your scores. Can you collect enough cheese and evade the cat long enough to unlock the coveted golden trophy and become the true Midnight Mouse champion?