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Jack Frost


Jack Frost transforms you into a character with the power to freeze everything you touch. Embark on a journey to build your own icy kingdom by turning all the ground and objects into ice, just like Elsa.

About Jack Frost game

This game draws inspiration from the popular American film, Jack Frost. Set in a wintry landscape, the game revolves around a snowy day theme. As the character, you wield a unique ability to freeze all objects on the screen, offering an intriguing and magical gameplay experience. Dive into the game and harness this special power.

Turning Hot Land into Ice Land

Jack Frost is a game suitable for all ages. Your ultimate goal is to freeze everything, including enemies, to advance to new levels. Follow these steps to achieve victory:

Move Around

Navigate the field by walking around to touch and freeze platforms and objects. Explore every corner of the screen to ensure you leave no area unfrozen.

Freeze the Enemies

Transform enemies into ice by jumping on their heads. Keep in mind that the ice will eventually melt, allowing enemies to move again. To maximize your chances of success, freeze the objects first before dealing with the enemies.
Good luck, and enjoy your icy adventures in Jack Frost!