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Duo Survival Adventures


Duo Survival is an extremely thrilling adventure game. When participating in this game, you will have to coordinate the two characters to quickly overcome obstacles and escape from enemies.

Game objectives

The father and daughter are being held in mysterious prisons where each room has a very strange and unique architecture. So your goal is to preserve the lives of the father and daughter by quickly finding a way out and escaping the pursuit of zombies.

Missions to complete

The father and daughter characters in this game must cooperate well. Because in a world full of dangers, they will never know what is waiting for them. You will have to quickly solve difficult puzzles, move to the switches to open the doors separating the rooms, then activate the elevator and escape.

In addition, you should plan to escape from prison step by step. Join the father and son in the game to overcome difficulties and win this survival battle.

How to controls

  • To move: Use the AD keys or the left/right arrow keys.
  • To jump: Use the up arrow key or the W key.
  • To perform kicking or throwing actions: Use the down arrow key or the S key.