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Calling all competitive gamers! Cubes offers a thrilling blend of strategy and action, throwing you into a fast-paced multiplayer battle for blocky supremacy! If you're tired of single-player experiences and crave the challenge of facing off against real opponents, then get ready to unleash your inner block-battling champion!

Grow Your Power, Conquer the Arena

Cubes revolves around collecting and merging blocks to build a powerful, numbered snake. Your goal is simple: devour smaller snakes and strategically collect available blocks to become the biggest and baddest titan on the map. Be careful, though! Other players share your hunger for dominance, so you'll need to outmaneuver and overpower them to claim victory.

Block Bonanza

  • Collect and Conquer: Navigate the map, cleverly collecting available blocks to fuel your snake's growth. Prioritize high-numbered blocks to gain a significant edge over your opponents.
  • Double Trouble: Strategically guide your snake across platforms emblazoned with double symbols to instantly double the power of your leading block, creating a formidable force.
    Beware the Halving Havoc: Be mindful of platforms with halving symbols! Landing on these will weaken your leading block, so plan your path carefully to avoid this potentially game-ending setback.

Devour or Be Devoured: A Test of Strategy and Skill

Cubes isn't just about collecting blocks. This is a competitive battleground where you can directly battle your opponents. The key? Ensure your leading block has a higher number than your adversary's. If you collide with a weaker snake, you'll devour them, increasing your own power and moving closer to becoming the ultimate block champion. However, if your snake is overpowered, you'll be the one who gets devoured!

So, are you ready to test your skills, outsmart your opponents, and reign supreme in the blocky battleground of Cubes