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Crab Game


Crab Game is one of the most played games today. And the goal of this game is very simple: you will have to reach the finish line within the time limit or you will be eliminated.

Crab Game - Fun Multiplayer Game

Inspired by the hit Squid Game series but with a more humorous twist, Crab Game is an online multiplayer experience where players participate in a variety of mini-games. These games are based on classic children's activities, but with a dangerous twist when only one player can win.

A Chaotic Party Game

The simplicity of Crab Game is part of its appeal. The controls are intuitive and the gameplay levels are familiar, allowing for instant engagement. This makes it an ideal choice for casual hangouts with friends. What starts as a harmless game of tag can quickly turn into a full-blown battle royale.

Gameplay Mechanics

To play, hold down the mouse to make your character run and release to stop.

Music with Chaos: What You Should Know

In Crab Game, up to 40 players compete in a chaotic race for survival. Unlike the harmless playground games you may remember, Crab Game introduces an element of chaos. Imagine playing a game of tag, where the "it" can use a rocket launcher or overcome an obstacle course where the floor can disappear underneath you.