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Battleship Online


Battleship Online is a logical and extremely intense strategy game. In this battle, you will set sail as a fleet commander plotting to sink the enemy fleet in the shortest possible time.

Immerse yourself in tactical battles: Hunt, Shoot and Conquer!

Inspired by the classic battleship game and giving it a new color and 3D image. Battleship Online will give you the task of strategically deploying your warships on a strategic information screen. Soon your fleet will set sail and attack to destroy the opposing fleet.

Inference game

Hidden fleet

Because the enemy's warship is hidden under the big waves, you absolutely cannot see it with the naked eye. So carefully observe each of their attacks and analyze the projectiles flying through the strategy screen to be able to determine the location of each enemy ship. Can you determine the enemy's location and defeat them?

Strategic attack

Using heavy weapons equipped on each warship is how you defeat the opposing fleet. Team up with your members to come up with the most optimal combat plan to immediately defeat the opponent's fleet. But don't be too panicked if your playing style makes mistakes. You just need to learn from experience and tweak your playing style a little and you will succeed!

Classic or Advanced

There are two modes classic and advanced for you to choose from! In classic mode, you can rely on your own reasoning ability to detect and destroy enemies. In advanced mode, the appearance of technologies such as radar or spy planes will help defeat your enemies more quickly.

Fully loaded experience

Battleship Online offers a rich experience that goes beyond strategy.

  • Realistic seascapes: The game has stunning 3D visuals that make the battlefield more vivid than ever. Control boats in a vast ocean and blend with the big rolling waves
  • Captivating sound design: The roar of cannons, the explosion of rockets, and the tense orchestral soundtrack all combine to create the atmosphere of war at sea.