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Challenging maze

Tomb Of The Mask is a mystery adventure game in which you will have to put on a yellow mask and make your way through a dark maze. Unlike other online adventure games, you will test your reflexes and control your character moving on dangerous paths.

Game levels

The game opens up many levels, each level has a unique maze. Your mission will be to go through winding tunnels, explore complex rooms and avoid cleverly placed traps. However, until you reach a certain level, the dangers you face remain a mystery. This will add an extra layer of surprise and require you to react quickly to avoid having to start the game over again.

The longer you play, the complexity of the maze increases, requiring you to make more precise movements. After passing each level you will receive rewards in the form of coins and stars, these items can be used to upgrade the main character of the game.

Master the game

You will face challenges cleverly placed by the game publishers and the constant threat of deadly spikes along the maze walls. To overcome these obstacles, learning how to master the main character is still the only way for you to pass the levels.

How to control the game

Tomb of the Mask uses the familiar control method of using the arrow keys. However, the more levels you pass, the more the movement speed of the character you control will increase. You'll need precise timing and quick reflexes to navigate the maze's twists and turns, avoid hazards and reach the finish line safely.