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Tiny Fishing brings you a relaxing fishing experience. Your task in this game is to release the fishing line and adjust the fishing line to catch special catches of fish that only lie deep at the bottom of the ocean.

Overview of the game

Tiny Fishing boasts intuitive gameplay. Just drag the mouse to cast the line and swipe left and right to fish. The deeper you go, the rarer and more valuable the fish becomes. But don't just aim for quantity strategically target high-value fish to maximize your earnings.

Carrying on a simple but attractive gameplay. You just need to drag the mouse to throw the rope and swipe left and right to catch the fish. But note, don't just aim for quantity, aim for the amount of gold coins you can collect after each fish catch. So find the fish that can bring you the most money to catch.

Upgrade items

Once you've earned enough money, use it by upgrading tools like fishing rods, fishing lines, or hooks so you can catch more fish at once. But if possible, you can upgrade the fishing line to be as long as possible. This will help you find fish that are rare and more valuable than other species.

These are just the first steps on your Tiny Fishing journey. With a little planning from the beginning, you'll quickly be racking up big rewards and famous fishing trophies that no one else has ever achieved.