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Temple of Boom is a game that simulates a fierce shooting arena. In this game, you will also practice your reflexes and shooting skills to be able to overcome your opponents and win every match.

Description of the game Temple of Boom

When participating in this game, you will play the role of an agile green monster and be equipped with powerful modern weapons. Your mission in this game is to use your agility to your advantage and fight on all levels to win and escape the strange temple.

Dangerous opponents

Entering battle in this ancient temple is not just you. There are countless other monsters hiding in the corners of the temple and it is obvious that they will also be equipped with the best weapons and determined to take you down. In the left corner of the screen you will see your current blood amount. When those blood bars are no longer displayed, it means you have been defeated by the monsters in the temple and have to play again from the beginning. In addition, take advantage of your high jumps to avoid your opponent's attacks.

Two modes for varied play

Temple of Boom game publishers have designed two separate game modes for you to experience

  • Single player: In this mode, you will compete against opponents controlled by bots. After passing each level, the number of your enemies and their strength will gradually upgrade. This will force you to create a perfect plan to be able to defeat them and escape the temple.
  • Two players: In this two-player mode, you can team up with another friend so that two people can play the game at the same time. This mode will greatly increase competition.

Guide play

Player 1

  • The up arrow key to jump or double jump
  • The left/right arrow keys to move.
  • The down arrow key to pick weapons.
  • Z to shoot.
  • X to switch weapons.

Player 2

  • W to jump or double jump
  • A/D to move.
  • S to pick weapons.
  • K to shoot.
  • L to switch weapons.

So whether you crave a solo challenge or a gaming experience with a loved one, Temple of Boom offers an exciting adventure for everyone. Are you ready to start this game now?