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Supernova takes you on an exciting journey through the universe. Take control of your spaceship and traverse a never-ending endless road filled with breathtaking landscapes and thrilling challenges.

Unexplored territory

In Supernova you will be transported into the heart of a mysterious space filled with neon lights. You'll fly through mesmerizing purple-drenched landscapes and experience the unparalleled freedom of piloting a spaceship through vast unknown lands.

Test your gaming prowess

Supernova is more than just a scenic tour of space. This is a test of your driving skills and reflexes. As you navigate the ever-changing, randomly generated levels, your speed will gradually increase. Avoid many obstacles along the way, including menacing lasers, giant planets, colliding meteorites and even hostile spaceships. But be aware that even a small collision will end your journey, so stay focused and keep your reactions sharp.

Master the ability to control and conquer the universe

Supernova offers intuitive controls that make piloting your spaceship a breeze. Use your mouse or keyboard to control your ship, or just swipe the screen on touch-enabled devices. Maintain complete control as you overcome the dangers that lurk in deep space.

Collect, compete and conquer

Keep an eye out for item boxes scattered across the universe. Capturing them can give you valuable power-ups, shields to protect your ship, or even a temporary speed boost. The farther you fly and the more objects you collect, the higher your score will be. Compete with other pilots on the global leaderboard and see who can truly master the endless range of the Supernova.