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Advertisement is an exciting game that opens up a unique challenge of collecting candy by lining up candies and collecting golden tickets to join the famous Candy club.

Sweet candy world

Embark on a crazy 60-second race, showing off your candy matching skills against 38 other players on a competitive leaderboard. Arrange the candies within the time allowed to create explosive combinations. Candy matching involves rearranging candies to form groups of at least 3 of the same type, triggering exciting explosions and helping you earn valuable points. However, the real scoring lies in crafting the special candies, so focus on creating these to get the highest score possible. In addition to this game, we also have another game related to candy called Candy Clicker that is quite good, you can also try it.

Master the special candy shapes

  • Create a tornado candy: Create a row of 4 candies of the same type, creating a tornado candy. When it explodes, this candy will wreak havoc by exploding any two rows of candy around it.
  • Sugar Cube Magic: Arrange 5 candies of the same type in a row to receive a sugar cube. This powerful cube, when combined with any candy, unleashes a cascade, obliterating all candies of the same type as the puzzle. Alternatively, combine two sugar cubes to create a board-cleaning spectacle.

Golden ticket mission

Amidst the candy chaos, embark on a journey to find golden tickets. Collecting 10 of these golden treasures will allow you to join the Candy Club, where formidable challenges against nearly 400 opponents await. Be careful when using these precious tickets as only 10 tickets will unlock a contest. Strategically balance candy destruction with ticket purchases to secure your spot in the exclusive Candy Club.