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Red Ball 4


Red Ball 4 will take you into a world full of dangerous traps. Here you will face extremely cunning opponents and fight a fierce battle to save your friends and the whole world.

A world under threat

Continuing the plot of the previous games, this time you will continue to adventure with our red ball hero.

A peaceful start

Red Ball is living in a peaceful land in his hometown with his brothers. However, this peace does not last long when a group of nefarious people invades their world.

Fierce squares

These evil squares are the evil people who invaded the world of Red Ball as mentioned above. With the goal of turning everything they see into squares, they messed up Red Ball's life. So our red ball will have to take action to destroy the evil squares to save this world.

Bold rescue mission

Cheered on by close friends. Red Ball stood up and participated in extremely dangerous missions. You will have to control him through dangerous levels containing cunning traps and defeat the square boss to restore balance to the world. That's all you have to do when participating in this game, so don't hesitate to roll with Red Ball to become a true hero.

Roll to victory with the red ball

If you don't know, Red Ball 4 has extremely easy but extremely interesting controls. And here's how you'll help Red Ball overcome obstacles and achieve victory:

  • Control: Unlike Candy Clicker, Red Ball 4 lets you directly control the red ball hero. Use your keyboard to control Red Ball through levels, jump over hazards and defeat enemies.
  • Challenging world: Prepare to face many obstacles and puzzles as you progress. Avoid sharp objects that threaten to puncture the Red Ball, but jump over enemies as a way to crush them with the ball's floating body and use helpful supports like wooden boxes. to move to high places. Solving these challenges is the key to rescuing your friends and saving the world!