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Bringing you extremely realistic and exciting gaming experiences is what Penalty Shooters 2 always aims for. When you take on the role of a player or goalkeeper on the field, you will experience the most realistic feelings that players have to go through.

Introducing the game Penalty Shooters 2

The beauty when you participate in this Penalty Shooters 2 game is that although everything in the game is designed very simply, it is still capable of meeting everything you want in a sports game. . With many different types of jerseys and styles, you can create your own team according to your personal preferences or a football star you love.

Features in the game

National team selection

You can choose your favorite country in this game. From powerhouses with strengths in football like Brazil or Argentina... Penalty Shooters 2 provides you with a list of national teams around the world so you can freely choose. Each team can also change their own playing style to increase the realism of the game.

Design your own player

In addition to being able to choose your favorite team, you can also design your own player. From the color of the jersey to the hairstyle and skin tone, you will own a one-of-a-kind player who will leave a very deep mark on the game.


Game publishers are quite thoughtful when equipping you with levels from easy to difficult so you can experience it yourself. At the difficult level, the ball's movement speed will be faster than at the easy level, and players at the easy level will have an easier time predicting the direction the ball will shoot than players at the difficult level. And when your kicking and catching skills have improved, try to choose difficult levels to challenge yourself.

How to control the game

Easy controls help you focus on adjusting your shots with the mouse as neatly as possible. As for defense, use your agility to predict the direction of your opponent's shot by using the mouse to click on the area where the opponent can shoot the ball.