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Papa's Wingeria


Papa's Wingeria is a time management game that allows you to run your own fried chicken restaurant. Put on your apron and get ready to enjoy the hot chicken wings you make yourself and sell to hungry customers.

Master the wing making process

Papa's Wingeria offers a fun cooking experience. Here's a glimpse of the delicious journey you'll have before taking it out for your beloved customers to enjoy:

Wait for the order to arrive

At the ordering station! Customers will order the chicken you desire and they will state specific requests for the dish they desire. Your job is to remember them to prepare dishes. And with a large number of customers, please always pay attention to the number of chickens needed to deliver to customers on time.

Oil frying step

Next you will go to the frying area and cook delicious chicken pieces. Carefully put the required amount of chicken into the fryer. Then measure the time to fry the chicken accurately. That is also the key point for customers to decide whether they are satisfied with the food they requested or not.

Drench 'Em in Flavor

When the chicken is golden brown and crispy, it's time to add the sauce! You'll move to the Sauce Station and grab the perfect bottle of sauce. Because each customer has their own preferences, you must make sure to pour a sufficient amount of sauce on the dish according to their request.

Finishing step

No dish is complete without a delicious dipping sauce! In this final step you will go to the construction station and select the appropriate dipping tank. This is the perfect addition to the aromatic flavor of the dish.

Served with a smile

And finally with the chicken perfectly cooked and the sauce ready, all that's left is to serve it to your waiting customers. Remember, time is money in the restaurant business! So the faster you serve, the happier your customers will be and the bigger your tip will be. Don't forget, decoration is also important! Mastering the art of chicken making at Papa's Wingeria is about speed, precision and creating a dish that tantalizes the taste buds.


Are you ready to become a restaurant owner? If so, then don't hesitate any longer and start playing this game right now with us.

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