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Narrow One


In Narrow One, take up your bow and face your enemies in this exciting archery game. Be alert when enemies surround you. This game offers multiple modes to keep you focused and entertained.

Enjoy Ancient War

Unlike modern shooting games today. Narrow One will take you back to the era of ancient warriors using bows and arrows. Although it cannot cause damage like guns, it will require you to have extremely accurate aiming skills, making the bow and arrow a formidable weapon. If archery is not your thing, you can try Candy Clicker for fun.

Conquer the Arena

You will enter the arena with a team of five members. Your main goal is to capture the flag. Collecting enough flags successfully will ensure your victory in the match.

Engage Enemies

The opposing teams will try to block your progress. Likewise, your team must prevent them from capturing their flags. Battles begin as soon as you encounter an enemy. Aim carefully and shoot your arrow. Defeated characters must respawn at their base, losing precious time and the chance to capture the flag.

Capture the Flag

Each team must collect three flags to win. You can also steal the enemy team's flag, but this risky move will require you to have a battle plan and teamwork skills to steal these flags. Use the T key to communicate with your teammates.

Customization and Variety

Narrow One offers a variety of customization options and game modes to enhance your experience.

  • Shop: Customize your character, choosing from roles such as Scout, Attacker, Gunner, Runner, Support, and Defender. Change their outfits, shoes, gloves, weapons, and hairstyles. Some items require coins, while others require you to watch ads to purchase.
  • Squad: Create a private room and invite your friends to join your game. You can team up or compete with each other. Share your invite code with your friends or join their room with their code.
  • Maps: Explore multiple maps, each with its own setting. Whether it's a castle, fortress, alley, field, ruins or arena, each map has a historical atmosphere. All maps are available and do not need to be unlocked.


Experience the thrill of historical battles with strategic depth and exciting gameplay. What are you waiting for? Join the epic archery battles of Narrow One and lead your team to victory!