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Magic Cat Academy


Magic Cat Academy takes you to a strange world where you play as a brave student tasked with protecting the academy from mischievous ghosts.

A perfect blend of cute and spooky

This charming game boasts adorable cartoon graphics with adorable cat and ghost characters. Along with extremely artistic graphics, this game becomes extremely perfect for young gamers with extremely attractive gameplay that brings interesting challenges to players of all ages. This incredibly simple gameplay can have you mastering the controls within minutes, but don't be fooled. Magic Cat Academy will bring you an extremely dangerous adventure.

Unleash your inner wizard: Swipe, Draw and Save the Day!

Magic Cat Academy throws you into a thrilling battle against ghostly invaders. These mischievous spirits have set their sights on taking over the academy and it's up to you to stop them!

A spooky showdown

  • Ghostly Enemies: Many types of ghosts with unique characteristics will challenge your skills. Each ghost displays a specific symbol above its head - the key to its defeat.
  • Swipe to attack: You must act extremely quickly and accurately according to the icons on the screen, because many ghosts can attack at the same time!
  • Boss battle: For these ghosts you will have to have faster reflexes and precise swipes to take them down.