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Lurkers io is the game for those who are looking for a fiercely competitive game with exciting adventures and will never disappoint you when playing this game

Introduction to the game

Team Deathmatch

Alliances formed in this classic mode are formidable alliances. When participating in the game, you will be connected with countless players around the world to form a team to fight other teams on the battlefield. Don't worry too much if you die on the battlefield, you will be revived immediately and continue to fight until time runs out and the team that defeats the most opponents will be the winner.

Capture the Flag

All wisdom and solidarity will be evident when you play this mode. Join the game and be divided into two teams to face each other. You will need to devise a plan to infiltrate your opponent's leader to capture their flag.

Challenges in the game Lurkers io

Bedwars Classic

Hone your defensive instincts in this fast-paced mode. Protect your bed at all costs - it's your lifeline! Destroy your opponents' beds to gain points and dominate the battlefield. Remember, time is always on your side - you will constantly earn money, allowing you to upgrade your arsenal and defenses.

Bedwars Classic

This will be a mode that helps you practice your defense abilities. Here, you will have to protect your bed at all costs. In addition, you will also have to destroy your opponent's bed to dominate this battlefield.

Zombie Survival

Gather your closest friends and prepare for a relentless zombie attack. During the day when the zombies can't go out, take advantage of gathering resources to build a solid base. Wait until night falls when the zombies appear, then you can use the weapons you have worked hard to eliminate as many of them as possible.

Sounds really interesting, right? So what are you waiting for? Join this game with us right now!