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Unleash the rage within you

Kick the Buddy is a game that will help you relieve stress after tiring hours of work and study. In this game, you will use knives provided by the publishers and launch them towards a doll named Buddy. And unlike many other violent games, Kick The Buddy focuses on helping players relieve pressure in the most fun way possible.

Build your own arsenal

The gold coins earned after throwing knives at the doll will become the key for you to unlock many other tools. With the accumulated gold coins, you can unlock powerful guns that fire a series of bullets instead of having to click each time to earn a few small coins.

Design your own doll

Kick the Buddy doesn't just stop at helping you relieve stress. In addition, you can also use your hard-earned gold to design your own unique doll. In the game store, the game publishers have designed many cosmetic items that are waiting for you from hats, glasses to headphones and belts. So after you have accumulated the necessary amount of gold Try to design your own special doll to your liking, turning him from a simple ragdoll into a fashion icon.

How to play the game

Doesn't need to be too complicated. You just need to use your mouse and left click continuously towards the doll. The weapons will automatically fire towards Buddy to help you relieve worries, fatigue and pressure during the day. Wish you happy gaming