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Infinite Craft


Challenge your logical thinking to attack you.

Infinite Craft contains many different items that you can combine to create as many new items as possible. This game promotes each person's creativity.

Do you love natural science? Did you know that when elements combine they create a new element? This game has applied this combination rule to attract many players. The items in this game are important for discovering new elements. No player has been able to unlock all the elements in this game yet. At this point, your task is to try to create as many new elements as possible. You think this game is too peaceful so you can participate in fierce battles in Raft Life.

Create as many new items as possible in Infinite Craft

The number of items in this game is infinite. The more items you have, the more opportunities you have to create new items. How many items can you create in this game?

Merge two items

You don't need to choose two identical items because a pair of different items can also create a new item. You can even choose any pair of items to fuse them. Of course there will be pairs that cannot be combined. You can use your logical thinking to complete the task. This won't take as much of your time as making random pairs.

Note the connections

When you place the items on the left platform, you can see they will have lines connecting them. You can rely on these connecting lines to know which pairs can merge. However, things will be more difficult when these connections look complicated.