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Hills of Steel


Hills of Steel will take you into an extremely fierce battle. Here you will have to command and control a powerful tank and participate in one of the battles against cunning enemies. Are you ready to join the fight?

From boredom to glorious battlefield

Are you looking for a game that brings excitement to experience? If games like Candy Clicker or Candy Clicker 2 do not satisfy you, Hills of Steel is one of the suitable games for you. This action game will let you play the role of a brave soldier controlling a powerful tank. Be ready to rush onto the battlefield and defend to avoid enemies who are aiming to destroy you.

Steel Titans Clash: Objectives and strategies

Hills of Steel offers a thrilling campaign with challenging battles. Here's what's waiting for you:

Conquer levels and enemies

The game has a gameplay with many levels for you to conquer. Once you have mastered this game, the challenges will increase. This requires you to have smart tactical skills and a powerful tank. Your main goal is to eliminate each enemy tank present on the game screen. Because your enemies are all skilled soldiers on the battlefield and are also equipped with the most advanced weapons, you must be extremely careful.

Master the controls

Hills of Steel has extremely easy controls but is difficult to master. You will be using the arrow keys to move your tank across the battlefield. When the moment comes, unleash a devastating attack by pressing the spacebar.

Upgrade tanks to win

Hills of Steel isn't just about shooting it's also about strategic upgrading and customization. Here's how you can upgrade your tank and dominate the battlefield:

Launch of steel arsenal

The game also allows you to unlock a diverse arsenal of tank weapons. Each type has a different feature and firepower. By collecting in-game rewards, you get to control these powerful machines and defeat your opponents.

Prepare for battle

Before entering the fight, you should tune your tank using the equipment available in the game store. Equip kits to repair your tank while in battle. In addition, using a circular saw is also a way to continuously deal damage to enemies. The items you carry can change the outcome of the game and make you the winner.

Durable upgrades

Throughout your campaign, you'll earn valuable upgrades that enhance your tanks' capabilities and combat capabilities. These upgrades, from super boosts to explosive debris and confidence boosts, persist even after you quit the game, allowing you to keep moving forward and become a force Unstoppable on the battlefield.

So, are you ready to command your tank, demonstrate your tactical brilliance and conquer the steel-plated battlefields of the Hills of Steel? Download the game today and experience the thrill of tank warfare!