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Helix Jump


A few interesting things about participating in Helix Jump

Helix Jump is a seemingly simple game but has the ability to be strangely addictive to players. Your task when participating in this game is to control the rotating platforms so that a ball can fall and go through the spaces to accumulate points and surpass the highest score you have ever played. . However, to be able to play this game fluently you will have to have a smooth combination of timing and sharp reflexes.

Some instructions to help you play the game easily

Avoid red, seek yellow

When you fall down the spiral, your challenge lies in controlling the obstacles. Red areas will cause you to break the rules and have to start over, but if you touch yellow areas, you will have an increased falling speed that can help you increase your score and bring you closer to the goal. score to pass.

Speed control

To be able to play the game Helix Jump fluently, you will have to adjust your rotation speed to suit each situation you are encountering. For positions where there is large space, you can make quick swings to push the ball forward as quickly as possible. However, when encountering narrow gaps, you require meticulous care to overcome them. Slow down your swing speed to ensure accuracy and prevent the ball from colliding with red spaces that will force you to start over.

Simple graphics, charming sound

Helix Jump is designed with minimalist graphics so this will help you have a high concentration on the game, ensuring you will have moments of complete immersion in the challenges the game offers. . But in return, the sound of the game will help you increase your excitement with vibrant music and fun sound effects that will create a motivating atmosphere that makes you more excited the more you play.