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Goodgame Empire will take you back to the Middle Ages with rich backgrounds. Your mission in the game is to build a new country in this era.

Detailed information about the game Goodgame Empire

Royal Kingdom

Goodgame Empire has a vibrant online community, attracting many gamers to participate in this game. In addition to a series of attractive features that we will learn about later. This game also develops thanks to regularly updating many features. Guaranteed you will be immersed in a dynamic but also extremely unique game world.

Architect of empire

Start your story with a small castle and you can unleash your creativity with more than 60 diverse buildings, each with many upgrade levels for the whole project. Building a truly epic kingdom takes time, but the journey doesn't stop at the initial fortress. Expand your dominion to unexplored territories on the map once your main base is fortified. Infuse your empire with aesthetically pleasing decorative details, personalizing it to reflect your royal identity.

Medieval Anarchy: Battlefront Chronicles

In the medieval context, alliances were formed during conflicts with each other. You must control the empire using Goodgame Empire's flexible and strategic combat system, including more than 50 military units. Customize equipment and items, and practice your combat prowess. Keep your army well-fed and strong as you challenge other players to intense battles in this era of imperial domination.

Regal features

  • Build your empire from its infancy
  • Form alliances and engage in strategic warfare
  • A huge community with more than 80 million players
  • Browser-based, free to play