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Goodgame Big Farm is an attractive farm management game. Here, you will play the role of a real farm owner and manage your farm to make it grow.

Some information of the game Goodgame Big Farm

Harboring dreams

If you are too bored with the hustle and bustle of crowded urban areas, this game will be an ideal game for you to experience. In this peaceful countryside you will turn your farm into the country's leading supplier of livestock and crops.

Ingenuity in progressive farming

The joy of a farmer is when he sees his garden growing. Try to level up to unlock more items to grow your small business. Immersed in this world, you will meet many new friends around the world who are also participating in building farms like you.

An agricultural world

In addition to growing fruit trees and vegetables. You can also raise many types of animals such as chickens, cows and pigs to sell them to maintain a stable cash flow. This production cycle will give you a real sense of farming experience. Bringing you many opportunities to develop and reach out to the world.'

Together developed

Immerse yourself in Goodgame Big Farm's vibrant community, participate in events that take you to remote islands, or compete in missions against other farmers. With a global community exceeding 35 million players, participate in collaborative efforts, discuss, and stay up to date with weekly content releases.

Salient features

  • Advanced farm management tools
  • Taking care of livestock and selling at the market
  • Expanded land growth and flexible upgrades
  • Construction of farm buildings and aesthetic decoration

Intuitive controls

Navigate the farming field with ease using simple controls; Left click to seamlessly interact with objects and menu items. Immerse yourself in Rural Oasis, where country charm combines with strategic farm management for an unparalleled gaming experience.