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Fruit Master


Fruit Master takes you to a place where you can hone your cutting skills to create delicious smoothies. Get ready to create the most delicious smoothies for your beloved customers.

Interesting information about the game Fruit Master

Prepare delicious dishes

Forget about boring summer drinks! So in Fruit Master you are not just an ordinary player but also a top bartender. Experiment with different fruits from apples to oranges, pineapples, apples or watermelons.

Chop's thrill

Before finding recipes, you'll need to prepare your ingredients. This is also the challenge that you need to overcome. Many fruits will be thrown into the air and your task is to cut them by throwing knives at them.

Practice skills, conquer challenges

Accuracy is important

Concentration is the most important thing for you to win in Fruit Master. Focus on the fruit in the air and throw your knife. If you miss, you will have to play the game again from the beginning.

Unlock your cutting arsenal

Earn rewards and unlock over 15 unique knives to add flair to your slashing. Each knife you use will have its own features, which will make your gaming experience more new every time you change knives.

Conquer all challenges

Fruit Master offers a rewarding gameplay loop. Conquer levels by completing specific smoothie orders, each requiring a certain amount and type of fruit. After completing the challenges the game offers, you will receive gold coins as a reward. Use these coins to unlock new knives being sold in the store.