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Return with New Challenges

Cut The Rope 2 is back and brings you the character Om Nom who loves sweets. With this sequel, the game still retains the old gameplay but the publishers will create new challenges to make the game much more interesting.

Familiar gameplay

For those who have played through part one of Cut The Rope, in part two, we will not have too many changes. The gameplay is still the same, you will have to cut the strings that are hanging the candies and guide the dangling candy towards the waiting Om Nom. In addition, in part two, you will also come into contact with Nommies, a group of strange creatures possessing different abilities. This will make your game experience more enjoyable than ever. For example, Nommie's cute flying helicopter, named , can carry both Om Nom and candy through gaps. Meanwhile, Lick has his extendable tongue, which can create temporary bridges, allowing you to overcome dangerous obstacles. Each Nommie offers a unique solution to the challenges that will help you overcome this game.
Additionally, the levels in Cut The Rope 2 are another highlight. Meticulously designed levels include intricate obstacles or ingenious machines filled with moving parts.

While the core gameplay remains familiar and accessible, Cut the Rope 2 offers a fun novelty with Nommies and creative level design. This combination helps bring a fresh and engaging experience to both veterans and newcomers.