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Crossy Road


Crossy Road is a novel adventure game with a touch of classic nostalgia. When participating in the game, you will play the role of a brave chicken determined to cross river roads and train tracks that are always full of traffic. And just one wrong step on your part can cause the chicken to lie down and you have to start over.

Some interesting things about the game Crossy Road

At first when participating in this game, you will feel that this game is too simple, but don't be mistaken because there will be vehicles that appear very unexpectedly, making it difficult for you to react in time. Sometimes it's cars rushing by or high-speed trains appearing suddenly at incredibly fast speeds, and even logs floating on the field can cause you to fail. With that easy control, just use the arrow keys to control the character, I believe it is simple for you to master this game.

In this game, the key thing for you to win is your ability to think quickly and react quickly. By predicting the movements of obstacles and timing them accurately, you will have many advantages to win. In addition, it was created with the criteria of targeting users as much as possible, so anyone can play a game like this.

Thrilling challenges

Dodge Traffic Mayhem: With vehicles of all shapes and sizes appearing in the game, you will be put through tests to test your reflexes and timing for free.

Dangerous rivers: Logs floating down the river will create a precarious path across the water. Carefully jump from one log to another, making sure you don't fall into the water. So understanding the movement of the current is essential to help you cross the river safely

Collect Coins: While not necessary to win, coins scattered around the map can be used to unlock new playable characters. Try to collect as many characters as possible and experience the thrill of chasing with many feathered heroes!