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Bloxorz will take you on an enchanting puzzle journey full of puzzles as you have to control an iron cube into a hole in a maze. Make a detailed plan to conquer this exciting puzzle adventure.

The appeal of simple puzzles

Enjoy the timeless appeal of simple puzzles. Bloxorz offers many levels with increasing difficulty, ensuring an engaging experience that helps avoid duplication. If you encounter a level that is too difficult to pass, seek help from friends or hints from the game.

Master Bloxorz gameplay

Your main goal is to guide the block down to the waiting square hole that is the destination of each level. With 33 diverse levels to conquer, the arrow keys (left, right, up and down) act as your navigation tools. Be cautious to avoid blocks flipping off the edges, causing a level restart.

Control the sphere flexibly

Control the cube through levels with bridges and switches. When the block presses down on the switches, these components come into play. Two switch variations exist: "Heavy" X-shaped switch and "Soft" round switch. Master their distinct activation mechanisms, as some can turn the bridge on and off after each use, while others exhibit unique behaviors.

Control gameplay and Navigate the game screen

Use the spacebar to switch between small blocks, choosing the most suitable block for the task. Although small blocks can operate soft switches, they lack the heft to actuate heavy switches. Furthermore, only a complete block can end a phase. Remember each stage's passcode in the upper right corner to quickly navigate through the "Lead Stage" in the main menu.

Bloxorz promises to bring an engaging puzzle solving experience, combining simplicity with complex challenges. Strategize your moves, enjoy the satisfaction of conquering levels and embrace the increasing complexity of this puzzling adventure.