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Banana Game


Banana Game lets you create as many bananas as possible. Left click to create tons of bananas in this addictive clicking game. In this game, a big banana will create many small bananas every time you click on it.

About Banana Game

If you are familiar with idle clicking games with themes like Candy Clicker or Capybara Clicker, Banana Game will bring you a completely different experience of the Clicker game genre, get ready for a new twist with Banana Game. This game introduces the fruit theme revolving around bananas. Originating from Southeast Asia and Australia, bananas are now popular all over the world. They have even appeared in this idle online game. Growing and harvesting bananas in real life takes time, but here you can harvest hundreds of bananas in just a few seconds. The big banana in the middle of the screen is the key for you to create small bananas. Banana fans will love this game. Enjoy relaxing moments as you continuously produce bananas.

How to make more bananas in Banana Game

In this engaging game, your goal is to produce more bananas. There are two main methods to do this: manual clicking and automatic clicking. To maximize your banana production, combine both methods. You can also share this idle game with your friends to see who can produce the most bananas per second.

List of Auto Tools

The game has 8 auto tools that can be purchased to aid in banana production. You can purchase the same tool multiple times, unlimitedly, as long as you have enough bananas to pay for them. Here is a list of the auto tools available in the game:

  • Cursor
  • Grandma
  • Factory
  • Mine
  • Shipment
  • Alchemy Lab
  • Portal
  • Time Machine