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Bad Ice Cream


Bad Ice Cream takes you on a chilling adventure as you launch out of a giant ice cream cone into icy territory! Crafted by the ingenious minds at Nitrome Ltd., a gaming studio known for countless wins, your mission in this game is to take control of an ice cream character and collect fruits over 40 minutes. different levels. Be cautious when moving across vast icy areas, as frost monsters, with frozen brains, are relentless in pursuit. Can you outsmart them by using your icy breath to break ice blocks or strategically create barriers to imprison icy enemies?

Icy wonders and cold challenges

Bad Ice Cream's icy landscape opens with wonders waiting for you to discover. Your mission is to accumulate all the fruit in each level and evade the clutches of ice monsters eager to crush your icy ambitions. Move across the map with the arrow keys, navigate through ice blocks that block your way, and act as a shield against the ever-attacking ice monsters. As an ice cream character, your unique skill lies in releasing icy breath by pressing the spacebar. Break the rows of ice blocks, clearing the way to the fruit, but be cautious, as releasing monsters trapped in the ice can be dangerous. If a ruthless monster still exists, freeze the air again, erecting an icy barricade to confuse your pursuer.

Features in Bad Ice Cream

  • Dynamic Duo Play: Team up with friends for a cooperative gaming experience, sharing difficult challenges on the same keyboard.
  • Flavor Customization: Choose from three delicious ice cream flavors to personalize your character's appearance, adding an aesthetic touch to the icy quest.
  • Frozen Discovery: Embark on a journey across multiple maps, each offering unique challenges and engaging puzzles for an engaging gameplay experience.
  • Puzzle-filled adventure: Navigate through a series of exciting puzzles, strategize your moves to outwit icy monsters and conquer icy obstacles.

Controls for icy manipulations

For Player 1, use the arrow keys to move and the spacebar/return key to release the frost breath. As Player 2, command movement with the WASD keys and deploy frost breath with the F key.

Immerse yourself in the icy landscape of Bad Ice Cream, where brain-freezing enemies and icy puzzles await your cunning strategies. Are you ready to outwit the icy monsters and win in this icy puzzle adventure?