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2048 Giant


2048 Giant is an exciting puzzle game in which your goal is to combine tiles with the same number to create tiles with higher numbers.

Overview of gameplay

If your hobby is combination puzzle games like Merge Fruits or 2048 Fusion then you'll probably like 2048 Giant. In this game, you are tasked with shooting tiles towards other players on the board, with the aim of combining tiles with the same number together. When two identical tiles collide, they will merge to form a new tile with a higher number. Additionally, the board contains stones that can be removed by merging adjacent tiles. Feed the giant standing next to the board by combining candy boxes

How to play

Controls: Hold the left mouse button and release to shoot bricks.

Tips to master 2048 Giant

Rotate the table

A useful strategy is to rotate the table to find suitable cells to merge. Focus on the boxes next to the stones to effectively clear them. Prevent the board from filling up with tiles to avoid getting lost.

Create Combos

To achieve the highest score, aim to create combos by merging multiple tiles at once. This will help you earn not only the total points from the merged tiles but also bonus points. Combining tiles effectively is the key to setting high records in the game.