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Your own business project

Monkey Mart will give you the position of managing an extremely new supermarket where the employees here are all mischievous monkeys. This management game gives you the task of turning a small retail store into one of the largest supermarkets in the city. Your job will start by selling small onions and then when the supermarket grows, you will be able to unlock the license to sell more other items. In addition, the area of the supermarket will be increased and you may even have to hire new employees so the supermarket can operate smoothly.

Management of monkeys

Cultivation and storage

The unique feature of Monkey Mart is its self-supply feature. In addition to selling items on supermarket shelves, you can also directly participate in growing crops and raising livestock. The finished products of these farming and animal husbandry activities will be allowed to be sold in supermarkets to serve the individual needs of customers. Note that making sure to take care of the soil also feeds the animals you are raising so that they can always produce products for your supermarket to sell.

Keep shelves

Unlike regular management games, customers in Monkey Mart can only get what is available on the shelves. Therefore, maintaining adequate inventory is very important to keep your customers happy. Keep a close eye on your shelves so you can restock missing items whenever customers need them.

Maintain order

Running a supermarket is not a simple job! Sometimes, naughty customers may sneak in and cause chaos in your supermarket. As a manager, it is your responsibility to resolve these situations by chasing away troublemakers to ensure the safety of the supermarket. In addition, your monkey employees, although very cute and hardworking, are sometimes lazy and fall asleep while working. Just a gentle reminder from you will help them regain their spirits immediately and serve customers effectively.

Financial handling

While you may hire a cashier to handle daily transactions, the ultimate responsibility for managing your finances still lies with you. Keep a close eye on your cash flow, making sure it all goes into your budget. This budget will be used to upgrade and develop the supermarket, allowing you to expand your store, hire more employees and diversify your goods.

Monkey Mart offers an exciting combination of store management and managing fun monkeys. So, are you ready to put on your manager hat and lead your team of monkeys to supermarket success?